What is 3D hydrographics?

It’s a process that transfers selected ink patterns onto 3D or contoured surfaces. The film is placed on water and the high-molecular base begins to dissolve, a patented chemical activator is sprayed over it, causing the ink to remain floating in an oil like state on top of water. The part is then immersed into water and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the part.

Is 3D Water HYDROGRAPHICS Technology durable?

We use only the highest grade materials and that is why a majority of our customer base is from the automotive and boat manufacturers whose standards of quality and durability are one of the most stringent in the world. The clear cote we use is an automotive finish, which is tough enough to withstand direct sun exposure and durable enough to last even in a marine environment.

Can items be re-printed?

Yes, items that are printed can be re-printed without much difficulty.

What types of items can be printed?

A wide variety of flat or 3D shapes and manufacturing materials such as plastics, metals, glass, etc. can be printed.

How long is the process?

Hydrographics Technology can take anywhere from 10 seconds for a simple piece to over 20 seconds for a more complex piece. However, prep work such as sanding, priming, drying, and final coat varies depending on the size. For example: A typical dashboard or center console usually requires about 3 business days to complete. When a completed part is inspected on rare occasions we may find a defect, & when we do we redo the process until its to our satisfaction.

How scratch resistant is the final product?

The clear coat Classic Trim Customs uses is the same as what is used on the exterior of a vehicle, thus able to withstand virtually all types of normal daily routines or boating conditions, it is UV stable and should NOT peel, crack, or fade.

What kind of pattern is available?

A wide variety of patterns including carbon fiber, light or dark wood grains, brushed aluminum, camouflage, stone, marble, and many others are available. Please refer to our patterns tab to view the wide selection of patterns we offer.